Want to have an app for your business? Well, then there is one question that you might be asking yourself:

How much does it cost to create an app?

Well, answering this question isn’t as easy as it seems. The cost of an app depends on many factors. We will discuss them all in this blog. Let’s begin:

Important Factors Which Decide The Cost of a Mobile App

(Factor 1) : The App Development Approach
The cost of a mobile app majorly depends on what type of development approach you want to have for your app.

There are three ways a company creates a mobile app for you:

Modifying existing app templates
This is the easiest way to create an app. The company already have app templates. Now, all they have to do is to modify them the way clients want. Just a couple of changes and the app will be ready.

The benefit of this approach is that the app gets developed in very less time and cost. However, this approach also has a downside. All the features are pre-defined. Hence, there’s hardly any scope for anything creative. Your app will look exactly like all other apps of the category do.

Using App Creation Platforms
Another way to create mobile apps is to use app creation platforms like Appy Pie, Buzz Touch, Mobile Roadie, and Andromo App Maker.

The benefit of this approach is that you have a longer list of themes to choose from. Also, you can select and include features as per your choice and decide how you want the app to function.

However, this type of apps will be more costly than modifying existing app templates and take a longer time for development.

Creating an app from scratch
The last and the most difficult approach to creating an app is to create it from scratch. You have to design the whole theme on your own, yourself decide what features you want to include, and how you want them to function.

Creating apps this way takes a lot of time. Also, such apps are more costly because you have to think about everything from the base and then create it.

How to know which app development approach is the best for you?

Well, this depends on what type of app you’re going to have or what is your financial situation.

If you are tight on budget and want to have an app that just gets the work done, first approach (modifying existing templates) will work best for you. Not only the app will get ready in much less time, but it will also not cost you much as well.

In case your budget falls in the middle range, you have an ample amount of time to think about how you want to customize your app, and you want to have some custom features in the app – go for the second approach, i.e. using app creation platforms like Appy Pie and Buzz Touch.

Go for the third approach, i.e. creating an app from scratch only if budget and time are not a matter of concern for you and you want your app to have the best of everything: the best design elements, the best design features, impressive user interface, and so on.

(Factor 2) The Company you are going to choose for app development

Every company you approach for app development falls into three categories:

High-level Company: These are well-established companies that are already popular in the market. They have a large team of developers, designers, marketing specialists, and research analysts working on large projects. Here, you have multiple people contributing to your app idea and creating successful mobile apps.

However, the development charge of having apps from such companies is very high. So, go for these companies only if you are not concerned about budget and can spend any amount of money on it. We evaluate the cost of basic mobile app from these type of companies. You can see the results in the given below screenshot:

Mid-level: These companies are not as popular as high-level organizations. Still, they have a name in the market. They usually work in small teams who work together to ensure you are creating an app of superior quality.

The cost of having an app for such companies falls in the mid-range. Anyone who has enough budget and wants to have a decent app can choose such companies for app development.

Low-level: These companies are rather a group of people who work together to create apps for a living. They can create apps for you at a very low price (just a couple of hundred dollars). However, don’t expect excellent quality from them. You will just get an app. Whether it will work or not – there’s no guarantee for that.

Choose such companies only if you don’t have enough money to spare. Yet we suggest you to do a little more saving and go for a mid-level or high-level app development company.

About Qatalytic Technologies

We fall into the mid-level category. Unlike high-level companies, we don’t have a large development team. Instead, we have a small team of passionate and hardworking designers, developers, quality analyst, and digital marketing experts.

However, the quality of mobile apps we offer is no lesser than any high-level company. We create apps that are rich in functionality and visually appealing when it comes to user experience. These are the apps that you would use again and again, and even recommend to your friends.