The year 2016, a revolutionary Augmented reality game name Pokemon Go was published into the real world, which accumulated so much appreciation worldwide as well as the criticism. Despite that, it was a smashing hit and since then Augmented Reality became a point of attraction for so many, which is remarkable by the way.

Though do you know the real beauty of Augmented reality, it’s not just confined to a single domain.And, being one of those technologies that spread like a wildfire, it is embraced by many businesses and brands including industry giants like Google, Microsoft Apple, etc. Where Google came up with Google Lens and Google Glass, Microsoft also trying to make a name for themselves in the AR domain with a product like Hololens.

However, you probably contemplating, if I have an E-commerce business, how on earth Augmented Reality gonna help in scaling my business.

Well, it certainly does, and as a matter of fact in many ways. To render you a clear picture, let me quickly elaborate, how we are helping businesses in making a radical change.

Augmented Reality for E-commerce

“Online shopping” we all love that, don’t we, especially when we are in the middle of lucrative deals. Nevertheless, on many occasions, we are uncertain about the products we are about to purchase and facing this dilemma is pretty normal these days.

For example, when buying furniture, we have no idea about the dimensions also not have the slightest clue, whether the chosen furniture gonna fit in your cozy room or not. In this scenario or a similar one, Augmented Reality comes as a relief and can play a significant role.

No need to take my word for it, you can check out what we built to tackle this situation. When one of our clients turned to us for revamping his app and create something innovative and enticing to impress their customers. We suggested Augmented Reality and integrated an AR module to his E-commerce apps, which is certainly a prime trait of that app now.

The beauty of Augmented Reality is, it makes everything fun. And, isn’t that great, if you can literally see the furniture, in your living room before even making a purchase. Plus, the good thing is it’s not just limited to the furniture. We can implement AR on any product.

Augmented Reality for Demonstrating the Workflow

Coming to the next product that we built. It is one of the proudest inclusion in our portfolio. And, a fantastic idea that you can steal. What if your customers can have a good look at the very process you guys follow to build your product, wouldn’t that be great? Well, that’s exactly what we did, we came with the concept that will make your business more exciting.

Think about an app, that provides a visual representation of your machinery, the workflow you guys follow and all the hard work that you do in a simple video. The user just needs to open the app and place it over an object (the assigned one, of course). And, this object can be anything be it, a piece of machinery or even a symbol (or any other object you want). By doing so, the app will automatically play a demonstration video that we have assigned to that dedicated object. Fascinating!! is it? Well, that’s the beauty of AR.

Augmented Reality for Cool AR Camera Filters

Now, moving to the next. What if your app has “Cool AR face filters” just like Snapchat? Which makes you look cool, funny and foolish at the same time. I think it would be an awesome addition. We can tell, as we already did that when we integrated these cool AR filters into a multimedia messaging app. If you are wondering whether it is possible with your current app structure or not, well just holler at us and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

With all being said and done, if you’re pondering how can we built an AR module in your current app or even create one from scratch, just reach out, and we will provide you with a complete guide. Not string attached though.

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