Do you want an app for your company? Then there is one question you may be asking yourself:

What is the cost of developing an app?

Answering this question isn’t as simple as it appears. The price of an app is determined by a variety of factors. This blog will go over all of them. Let’s get started:

Important Factors Considering the Price of a Mobile App

(Factor 1): App Development Method

The cost of a mobile app is heavily influenced by the development approach chosen for your app.

A company can make a mobile app for you in one of three ways:

Creating new app templates from existing ones

This is the simplest method for developing an app. App templates are already available at the company. All they have to do now is tweak them to meet the needs of their clients. The app will be ready with just a few tweaks.

The advantage of this strategy is that the app is produced in a very short period of time and at a very low cost. This strategy, however, has a disadvantage. The features are all pre-defined. As a result, there is little room for innovation. Your app will look identical to all other apps in the category.

Using App Development Platforms

App development tools such as Appy Pie, Buzz Touch, Mobile Roadie, and Andromo App Maker provide another option for developing mobile apps.

The advantage of this method is that you have a larger selection of themes to pick from. You may also pick and choose which features to include and how you want the app to work.

This type of software, however, will be more expensive than changing current app templates and will take longer to construct.

Making an app from the ground up

The final and most challenging technique to developing an app is to start from scratch. You must design the entire theme yourself, deciding which elements to include and how they should perform.

It takes a long time to create apps in this way. Furthermore, such apps are more expensive because they must be designed from the ground up.

How Do You Know Which App Development Method Is Suitable For You?

This is dependent on the type of app you intend to use and your financial condition.

If you are on a low budget and want an app that simply does the job, the first option (changing existing templates) will work best for you. Not only will the app be finished in considerably less time, but it will also be far less expensive.

If your budget is in the middle, you have plenty of time to think about how you want to design your app, and you want to have some bespoke features in the app, opt for the second alternative, which is to use app development platforms like Appy Pie and Buzz Touch.

Choose the third option, which is to build an app from scratch, if budget and time are not an issue and you want your app to have the best of everything: the best design components, the best design features, an amazing user experience, and so on.

(Factor 2) The App Development Company You Will Select

Every app development company you approach fits into one of three categories:

High-level Company: These are well-established businesses that are well-known in the industry. They work on major projects with a large team of developers, designers, marketing specialists, and research analysts. Here, you have a large number of individuals working on your app idea and developing successful mobile apps.

However, the cost of developing apps from such organizations is rather high. So, choose these companies only if you are unconcerned about your budget and are willing to spend any amount of money on it. We assess the cost of a simple mobile app from these companies. The outcomes are depicted in the screenshot below:

Mid-level organizations are not as well-known as high-level organizations. They do, however, have a market presence. They normally work in small groups to guarantee that you are producing a high-quality app.

The expense of having an app for such businesses is in the middle. Anyone with a large enough budget who wants a good app can hire such organizations for app development.

Low-level: These businesses are more like a collection of people that collaborate to make apps for a living. They can design apps for you for a very low cost (a few hundred dollars). However, don’t expect them to be of high quality. You will only receive an app. There is no guarantee as to whether it will work or not.

Choose such companies just if you don’t have any extra cash. However, we recommend that you save a bit more and go with a mid-level or high-level app development business.

About Qatalytic Technologies

We are classified as mid-level. We don’t have a large development team like other high-level organizations. Instead, we have a small but dedicated staff of designers, developers, quality analysts, and digital marketing professionals.

However, the quality of mobile apps we provide is on par with that of any high-level organization. When it comes to user experience, we design apps that are both useful and visually beautiful. These are the apps you would return to and even suggest to your friends.