Augmented reality lies in the middle of real world and the virtual world! If we observe the modern technology then it totally depends on AR and VR Application.

Now there is a concept, “what are the AR and VR Applications?”

AR and VR both are the acronyms of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. These both terms represent the current Technology world.

Anyone Knows, Which technology Snapchat follows?

Snapchat users are taking benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) technology through its camera filters. Including other functions like chat with friends, click photos, record videos, and share the videos and photos with friends as well as publically, save all photos on the server-side, etc.

Till now, there’s an overview of the Snapchat. Now thew the concept is “How shuttar app is similar to Snapchat?”

  • Similar technology “Augmented Reality” used in “Shuttar App”.
  • Try any kind of “ Filters” in “Shuttar App” while clicking the photos.
  • Record “Videos” as well in “Shuttar App.”
  • Share via other apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, Instagram, etc.

Note: The application is on the 1st stage. Like other apps, modifications will be going on and the latest version you will get from the play store or through this link:

Stay tuned for our next version of Shuttar Application, in which users will get so many features like chat, stories, audio & video call.

Now, everyone wants to know, who developed this Shuttar App?

Qatalytic Pvt. Ltd., a global IT solutions provider developed this app with the passion of learning new things, Best in IT Industry deals in software development services with respect to different technologies such as AR, VR, Websites, and Mobile application.
Qatalytic have built its reputation on working excellent Augmented Reality projects for many “widely known organizations” in the world. We are always ready to offer you an unmatched level of services in the Augmented Reality industry.

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